Returns Policy: The Art of Non-Returnability

Returns Policy: The Art of Non-Returnability

Here at, we take commitment to non-commitment very seriously. So, when it comes to our returns policy, we're full-time dedicated to making sure it's as nonexistent as our full-time work ethic.

Our Policy: All Sales Are Final-ish. Why? Because just like our half-hearted titles, our returns policy is all about not quite following through. Once you've made the semi-bold decision to purchase from us, consider yourself part of an exclusive club – the No Take-Backs Club.

No Refunds, No Regrets: We believe that life is about living with the choices you kind of make. So, embrace your partially thought-out purchase with all the half-hearted enthusiasm you can muster. Regret is so full-time, and you're better than that.

Exchanges? Don't Make Us Laugh: Our products are like your commitment levels – non-exchangeable. Why? Because we've put a semi-considerable amount of effort into ensuring each item is as unique as your dedication to not fully doing things.

Customer "Support": Got complaints? We're semi-ready to ignore them. Our customer support team is available occasionally, mostly when they're not busy doing other part-time things. But don't worry, we half-listen to every word you won't say.

Our Promise: At, we promise to be consistently inconsistent. Your satisfaction is somewhat important to us, but let's not get too serious. After all, this is – where half the effort means double the fun!

In conclusion, thank you for not returning anything – because you can't. Welcome to a world of non-refundable, unforgettable part-time adventures!